Wednesday, June 15, 2016

ISCU 2016

International Surveyor Conference for Undergraduates 2016 - ISCU2016

Technically, I'm already lost my mood to write a post about this ISCU thingy. Haha but naah, a simple post won;t hurt right :)

This event was held for 2days, which is started at the beginning on my study week. Ikut kan hati macam aduh taknak la join, nak balik nak balik. Haha tapi sebab dah separuh jalan plus the pengarah program is Hafiz, hihi I cant say no :p Hafiz if you read this, pls smile :) Dan tugas aku pun takde la berat mana, handle the explorace game je, itu pun nak make sure the game going smooth je. Weh dah kenapa aku cakap rojak sangat ni oi?!

So basically program ni anjuran RICS dan RISM dan tahun ke 8 ni UTM jadi tuan rumah. If Im not mistaken last year was Taylor University. Im not very sure, but next year IIUM will be the host. Oh yes this is a conference event guys. And a student representative from each university that involve present their thesis paper. Whattt... Jaja join program macam ni whattt... At first I thought I will be so boring, so dull and so mengantok. Hahah hm except the dinner part of course, the dinner was great! Each uni have to perform and it was a competition guys! Haha 

Obviously for the first day, there's nothing much. Just ice breaking session, and dinner. Here it is! The important part of the event, parallel session begins! Oh before that, there's a Plenary Session which hosted by Past Vice-President and Past Chair of QS Division of RISM. And the panel are very highly respected person from various background. Wow masa ni aku dah start kagum sikit dah. Listening to the conference but still mengantok hahah.

Parellel Session!
Time ni aku busy kena edit video untuk montage. BTW GUYS THIS IS MY FIRST TIME DOING THE MONTAGE INFRONT MANY PEOPLE IN THE IMPORTANT EVENT (INTERNATIONAL EVENT I REPEAT) AND MY FIRST TIME USING NEW SOFTWARE. Ok enough with capslock. Hahhaah, asking help from a friend of mine who used to this software and learn to edit the footage in one night. pheww, what an experience! And pheww, got some compliment from lecturer hiks!

Ok sebenarnya before tunjuk montage tu, ada award untuk best presenter dan best paper. Ok masa ni aku memang kagum dan rasa bangga gila dengan senior aku. Did i had mentioned that UTM MENANG BESAR? Hihiih, 3 orang menang best presenter, 2 orang menang best paper. O M G, weh aku rasa macam weh hebatnya dorg. Hahaha, international event babe, there's a competitor from Thailand too. Sampai habis la aku tengok senior aku ni dengan rasa power gila dorang. hahah Cuma terkilan sebab tak dapat tengok mereka present. GILA TERKILAN.. Hahah

(akak nak upload gambar tp gambar dlm memory gopro so nanti akak upload ok adik semua)

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