Saturday, October 18, 2014

It's dawn.

Well Assalamualaikum earthlings!

The truth is, I can't force myself back to sleep since 2am. I was very sleepy last night so I decided to hit the sack lil bit early. And yeahh, guess who can't sleep now. Haha 

Trying to put back my eyes shut for one and half hour! But seems that it's not gonna work. Haha then I decided to browse something, anything on google seacrh. It's very frustating and feel wasting of time cause you cant sleep whenever you try so hard to get back asleep.

What I've got tonight is very very boost my confident level up. But I wont share it here untill I've done doing that. Haha well I hope I won't make it halfway. Why it's so hard to keep every positive thought, positive vibes all the time? Ingat kan aku Ya Allah jika aku lupa engkau selalu ada :) 

Anywayyyyyy, I'd found something intersting :) 

Sound like 'elehh tk apa apaa je photo challenge' but I bet not everyone have the spirit and commitment to do this. Well, as I am not that type of person, I guees this gonna be my task. I would like to do this! Hahah and I was thinking where should I do this challenge anyway? Should I blog them everyday? Should I using my Instagram account? Which one should I use? Hahah

Blog! Yessss! I should blog them! Since I dont have anything tips or story to share with, so I decided to blog them! Omggg Im so excited! Feeling like on the cloud nine~ hahah 

Im gonna make a new post for everyday challenge :)

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