Wednesday, March 5, 2014

When it comes to final...

What is wrong with me actually ?! Feeling so tired, so sleepy but ended up i can't sleep ! It comes when at night, late night i mean a real sleep for everyone. Time for hibernating, time for recharging ourselves back but not happen to me ! Too much thinking i guess, emm yes i love to daydream and especially before going to bed. Hehehe but then i was over thinking and now i cant sleep at all ! What is wrong with

Trying to clear my mind from not to think anything. Trying to have the mood of sleeping. Trying everything!

Mmmmm and lately i always feel like give up on studies, imaging how can i feels like i dont want to further my studies anymore! Where my sprits gone ?! I somehow dont want to challenge myself again in studies. Hm always have the negetive thought, 'what if i cant score' 'what if i cant do it anymore' 'what if i didnt make my parents proud' 'what if i cant perform well' too much what if is actually kills me....

I said to my Abah and Mama last week, 'forgive me if i cant score this semester' 

But deep in my heart, i'm always trying to be the best for both of you :') And i do it kerana Allah :')Everyone have a dream, everyone can dream. I had my own dream. But.... I have to keep strong to achieve, to make my dream become reality :)))

'Jangan menyerah, selagi mampu lawan. Berusaha jangan menyerah'

Alaaaaaa tapi tgk movie lagi seronok dari belajar alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa susah laa cmginiiii, alaaaaaaaa

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