Saturday, October 6, 2012


Jamuan Rayaa yang diadakan pada hari terakhir rayaa, ulang suara HARI TERAKHIR RAYAAA. opps tercaps lock, maaaaf :p

Spot me if you smart. Can't find ? hell yeahh, cause I'm the photographer -____-" The moment when you the one hold the camera when 'sesi bergambar' and the others pretend like okay must line up first, must getting ready for the picture. So I'm the 'mangsa jurugambar'

Half from my gegirls.

Must-doing-thing a picture, or maybe i might called picture(s) with Si Kecil Sheysheyy. Doing the duckface, pretend got sore-eyes, pretend got 5 days MC. hahaha :D

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