Saturday, October 6, 2012

HowsYourFinal ?

Just wanna let you all know that my final is already started. English paper was the first paper, not all of them take the exam. Those who get As while in SPM for English subject was examted from this paper. Lucky huh ? Its okay, I dont get jealous at all, cause English class was so awesome. Plus the question didn't ask me to do kind of essay or making-story-must-more-than-300words. Actually the question is only just asked you to understand the sentence. Quite easy, but I don't know how my result are going to be. Hahaha :D

Next paper was ICT, ohh man. ICT is so paham-nyeww-die-habaq-apeww. Dia cerita benda yang kau tak boleh nak bayang, or kau boleh bayang tapi kau tak paham. Haaa, begitu laaa. Ehh tapi aku buat nota cantik tauu, hikhik. Boleh usha di Instagram :) Nmpak tk Hafiza macam riak sedikit ? Huahuahuaa, so ICT paper boleh laa. Tapii aku ada tinggal jugak, ahaha. Bilaa aku dah malas nak pikir, aku kan biar je. Pemalas kaaan ? haihh *tutup muka*

So, next paper is......... TITAS ! sort of Sejarah. Kbye

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