Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Assalamualaikun and Good Everning earthlings :)

first of all, im too afraid to speak at public. i don't have confident at all to speak up. Bahasa Melayu nor English. when i get nervous, my word that i speak up not same as what im thinking about. i'll speak too fast and people don't understand me. cool -_____-" then i must repeat back the word that i just saying. grr, thats my problem of communication. MAJOR problem, im trying to be cool when saying something so i won't get nervous. but i just can't. i dont know how to control myself from talking too fast. fast, is not the problem. not so clear, oke that the problem. i hate when people like, 'what, huhh' oh man, thats mean i NEED to repeat my word back. chill jaa chill.

ouh yeahh, to me when somebody talk in English is not like poyo or gedik or what-so-ever. but i just feel that, youu so cool yaw. i wanna be like you, speak in English with full of confident, easy to understand and the most thing DONT NEED TO REPEAT BACK.

tp aku selalu gak, huh huhh kat org :D

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