Wednesday, February 29, 2012


aww, mereka sangatt sweeeeeeet ! 

thanks Kak Shira, Kak Tania, Kak Ana, Kak Mary and Wan Bewook !
aku dapat agak da dorng na bg aku something, ahaha. boleh pulakk -.- pape pown thankss sgtt. this is second time i got bear as a present ! and i love it, brown color mehh. hihi, and i will named it as Lalaa. hehe, so now, Siti not alone anymore. she got new friends. thnks alot guys. im gonna miss you. even though we just know each other for 2 months. but i really truly appreciate this present. take care ! thnks for EVERYTHINGS :)

ouhh and Kak Rose gave me Cadbury yesterdayyyyy. thanks kak ! nnt perot da meletop bg tahuu. hihi

Kak Tania, i love youuu. jgn rinduu jaja tauuuu. hihi, thnks rapat ngn jaja selama nie. best kenal ngn akak.

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